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Life is filled with so many challenges, the many ups and downs a day can bring can be unlimited. While here, I hope you find connection, peace, strength, and hope to live your best life, and become more positive about the challenges. Think of life as a highway, sometimes you can get where you are going on the path you started on, but then, sometimes detours are put in your way to make you think, test you, or teach you something. When you can look at your journey in this way, you can put your life in drive and start to move!

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Ride out this Storm

Right now life is very hard for so many, inflation is so high wages can’t keep up, gas prices are through the roof, food that was easy to buy seems to be a commodity, baby formula can’t be found on grocery shelves. This can be scary to many if you are not equipped to navigate … Continue reading “Ride out this Storm”

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